Apple Services

The working world has changed significantly over the last five years.

Employees expect and want the technology that they use at home to be the same that they use at work.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device brings challenges of its own to the Internal IT Teams- but this is not stopping the rise of BYOD in the workplace because of the benefits it brings.

The access to iPads and iPhones which is a mainstay of corporate business now, leads to complex infrastructure configurations. Balance this agains the real need to ensure that your top talent is always fully IT enabled.

Streamwire can help you work out how to ensure you have a secure, scalable deployment which supports your business. Our consultants can provide you with the recommendations and the road map to ensure that you have the right device with the right support to maintain them.

From supply and procurement to customisation, distribution and configuration, maintenance, OS support, migration, refresh, to data contracts- Streamwire can help you “plug and play.”