TIBERO is an “Oracle-compatible” database solution that gives its users the freedom of choice to retain their investment in both people and technology.

This solution delivers the same expected levels of performance, familiar interface; but under much more agreeable costs, flexible licensing terms and without the amount of risk associated with changing to another vendor or open source.

Streamwire is delighted to be a Platinum Partner to TmaxSoft to bring this new solution entry to the UK relational database market,

With over 1000 clients in Korea alone; including large enterprises and government departments TIBERO directly challenges Oracle’s position by offering like for like functionality, a level of compatibility that makes migration of your applications incredibly straightforward but for a cost that brings proper competition and choice to the market.

Low Cost
• Between 30% and 60% less than Oracle
• Simple licensing and virtualisation
• affordable ongoing maintenance costs

Low Risk
• High level of compatibility means quick ROI
• Little staff retraining
• Extensive 3rd party software support
• proven solution
• Cloud Ready

Enterprise Functionality
• Multi-processor, multi-threaded architecture
• Tibero Active Clustering (TAC)
• Tibero Standby Clustering (TSC)
• Transaction failover
• Backup and Recovery
• Parallel Query execution

Oracle Compatible
• Standard SQL Support
• PL/SQL Compatibility
• Embedded SQL Compatibility
• JDBC, ODBC, OLEDB and CLI Support


Tibero RDBMS provides excellent stability to process large amounts of data, which is used simultaneously by many users, without loss of performance.
• Supports various partitions such as Range, Hash, List, and Composite Partition
• Supports Global and Local Index
DB Link
• Integrates with other vendors’ DBMS inc Oracle, DB2, MSSQL and Sybase
Multi-Version Concurrency Control
• Avoid a lock by managing versions of DB block where data is change
• Row Level Locking
Advanced Data Compression
• Improved performance through minimizing I/O load
• Reduce database storage overheads
Monitoring and Analysis
• Application Performance Monitoring analyses database performance through event-based analysis framework
• Complies with the OpenGIS Simple Feature Specification for SQLRev 1.1 standard
Development and Operation Utility
• Migration automation tools and bulk data loading tools included for data import/export
• Flashback Query and Flashback drop supported
Data Encryption
• Supports table & column encryption; supports common industry algorithms e.g. DES, AES etc